Kristi Holt

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Kristi applies her skills and knowledge to Business Development here at Foresight. Her passion drives the creation of penetrative marketing strategies which aid to exceed growth expectations, while improving the lives of everyone involved. She believes in “Building people, and people build businesses.” 

Kristi’s institutional knowledge, creativity and honed expertise, gleaned from nearly two decades of building companies across a variety of platforms, gives her valuable business development insight. After studying Accounting and Business Management at Utah State University, she founded six successful companies. Nurturing these companies from research and development stages through to launch, she has taken businesses from ground zero into profitable, replicate-able concepts with efficient processes.  

Amidst the rigor of accomplishing her goals, Kristi’s most cherished rewards are found in her- friend, partner and companion, Ryan. Together they enjoy all the joys of family with two boys, Ryder and Riggs and two girls, Anzlee and Sayge.   You can find Kristi cheering on her kids playing baseball, basketball and volley ball, spending time with friends and family, or quiet time writing with a hot cup of tea.  Speaking and teaching about emotional awareness is her inner purpose and passion.  She always looks for the beauty and inspiration in life to bring together and support all those around her.