We live in a land of the FREE, a country that believes in FREEDOM. We are advised to STAY HOME and STAY SAFE. This limits the way we are able to live our daily life. What does this mean now for us and our freedom?  I hope this is not something any of us take for granted, but it renews our appreciation for the liberties we have.

We have brave men and women who fought for us to have this freedom and the rights we possess. Our personal FREEDOM has allowed each of us the ability to have a greater quality of life. 

I have chosen to heed the advice and stay home and social distance myself.  I have had lots of time to think about how much I have taken for granted. Yes, I clearly see that I did not come close to appreciating the freedom that we have. I travel frequently all around the world for my business, so canceling many trips for several months has been very strange for me. I have decided to RISE above the fear that can set in mentally.

Our freedom is now being limited in a way none of us has ever experienced.  

FREEDOM is something we are accustomed to having in this beautiful country. What a blessing it is to be able to make our own choices in religion, schooling, employment, and more. I took for granted the simplest things in the world, like being able to go to the grocery store and buying anything I needed, or going to dinner and a movie. Haven’t we all been invited to a party and secretly did not want to go? What we wouldn’t give for one right now! WHY did I not see this as a gift instead of a burden to be able to be with friends and family? I love road trips. I have been known to get in the car and head off to Disneyland on the spur of the moment. 

We have temporarily lost some of our freedom, but that has actually created a new realization of just how much freedom we have enjoyed. 

We are fortunate to know that this lack of freedom is temporary. I never recognized how much freedom we each have to live our lives as we wish.  I am forever going to have more gratitude for the ability to go to stores to shop, get on an airplane, vacation, worship, attend concerts and sports events, go to Disneyland, but most importantly gather with my family and friends. 

I love this country and I am grateful for the freedom we have here. I will forever look at my personal freedom in a new way now.